CoinEx Dex

Built on CoinEx Chain

A decentralized platform focused on trading, with complete freedom of token issuance and trading


  • 01


    Create a wallet if you are a newcomer.
    Or import a wallet if you already have one.

  • 02

    Deposit CET

    CET is required by all transactions as gas. You can buy CET from CoinEx Exchange or transfer CET to your address to make sure you have sufficient gas.

  • 03

    Trade/Issue Token

    You can search for and select any trading pair to trade, as well as issue your own tokens and create your own trading pairs. All operations are permissionless and completely free.

Why CoinEx DEX

Market Making

Automatic market making to ensure liquidity.


In control of your private keys. Asset security guaranteed.


Assets and orders are all on-chain. Everything is public and transparent.


Blocks generated in seconds and transactions confirmed instantly

Token Issuance

Built-in token issuance module. One-click issuance and listing.


High-performance trading processing and extremely low trading fees.